The Top 13 Things to See and Do in Bratislava

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Bratislava, the Capital of Slovakia, is a beautiful ancient city, charmed by its cozy and quiet atmosphere, which contrasts with the exciting life of the modern inhabitants. In order to visit all the monuments and historical places, one day is not enough. There are many things which you can explore. This is why we are here to lead you and show you some amazing places you can visit in this beautiful city. Here are the top 13 things we picked for you:

  • Bratislava Castle

Bratislava castle

The Bratislava Castle was built in the 9th century. It is located on a hill, above Danube river. It is a very important symbol of the city and a very popular place to visit. Eleven kings and eight queens were crowned in this city. Bratislava was the official coronation town for Hungarian Kings. The Bratislava Castle contains four wings. The front area of the castle is named „Yard of Honor“. There are also two triumphal gates and guard houses. It is definitely something you should see for yourself.

  • The Devín Castle

Devin Castle

Visit the impressive ruins of Devin Castle and enjoy the view from its strategic location on a cliff overlooking the confluence of the Danube and March Rivers. Learn more about the rich history of the castle. It is one of the most important sights of the city. The history of the castle knows no boundaries. With the sunshine, you can also see the city panorama of Vienna.

  • Michael’s Gate

Michaels Gate

It is the only preserved gate of the medieval city fortress of Bratislava and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. The gate was named after the church of Michaels, which was no longer extant, outside the city wall. In the 51-meter high tower, there’s a weapons exhibition of the Municipal Museum Bratislava.

  • The Catholic Church of St. Elizabeth

Catholic Church St Elizabeth

It was originally dedicated to St. Elizabeth of Hungary. Nevertheless, the Church in Slovakia represents Slovakia. The church is also called “blue church”, which is due to the color of its facade. The foundation stone of the Elizabeth church was laid on 23 August 1909. The twin towers of the church are decorated in a mixture of Romanesque and oriental style. The mosaic above the entrance represents the Rosenwunder. Although the church is not very large, it is still appreciated by the Slovaks and many tourists.

  • The Slovak National Theater

Slovak National Theater

It is the oldest and most professional repertory theater in the city of Bratislava. This important artistic institution was founded in 1920. The theater was first directed by Czech artists, and the first piece was a Czech one. By the well-known composer Bedrich Smetana. Only after the second world war did Slovakian artists started to dominate.

Today, the theater consists of three ensembles: drama, opera, and ballet. The Slovak National Theater combines these three stage performances into a spectacle for music lovers. The ticket prices are much cheaper, but this does not suggest a lack of quality.

  • The Statues

The Statues

The statues stand or sit in the center of Bratislava. The life-size bronze figures are really something you should see. The paparazzo does his camera hunt for people who walk through the Laurinská street. The glotter “Čumil” looks out of the Gulli hole and under the ladies skirt. The “Beautiful Náci” is much more elegant, he kindly greets his hat.

  • Slavín


The gigantic war memorial Slavín is reminiscent of the Soviet soldiers who died in the liberation of Bratislava in 1945. You reach the monument on foot from the city center or take the bus 203 (direction BUDKOVA) and get off at the end stop, the Grassalkovich Palais.

  • Sad Janka Krala

Sad Janka Krala

It is the oldest public park in Central Europe. Influenced by baroque classicism, the paths were built in the form of an eight-pointed star. Rare trees complement small architectural elements; Small round squares are decorated with the signs of the zodiac. The “Gartenlaube”, originally the Gothic spire of the Franciscan Church, located in the center of Bratislava, is the most striking architectural feature of Sad Janka Krala Park.

  • Sandberg

On the west slope of the mountain, not far from Devínska Nová Ves, there is the Sandberg. In the approximately 15 million years old rock layers from the Tertiary fossil remains of over 300 animal species were found.  The covered sand at the summit of the elevation makes the Sandberg a scenic feature.

  • Cafes

Drink your coffee at Foxford, where you will find a lot of books, a small snack and a good coffee. You can also visit Gorilla Urban Space. In a modern interior, you can get fancy bakeries or a tasty avocado toast and a spicy chai with milk. U Kubistu is a café, where you also get an excellent lunch. A strong coffee and fantastic homemade juices do not leave the wishes of the most demanding guests unsatisfied.

  • Ice Cream Koun

The family business runs a lady who has studied in Italy and learned the art of ice-cream at the local Gelato Academy. Their love for this art is reflected in every inch of the charming ice cream parlor where you can get the classic varieties to balsamic ice cream or salty caramel ice cream.

  • UFO Restaurant

There is no doubt that you can not get past the socialist-futuristic bridge-pillar restaurant “UFO”. In the background, you can see the slab buildings in Petrzalka at dusk and then the view continues to the left, where the Pressburg, also the German name of the city, appears in the field of view. And with it the old town again. A unique lookout tower, bar, and restaurant are located on the top of the Bridge Tower of the SNP Bridge. The elevator takes you in 45 seconds from zero in speechless amazement, where at the height of 95 m and the view to almost 100 km, the unique experience begins. Everything is in modern, minimalist and effective design! The restaurant is dominant in Bratislava and represents Slovakia

  • Schokocafe Maximilian Delikateso

If you are looking for a dessert or a coffee after lunch, visit the Schokocafe Maximilian Delikateso, (Facebook), with fantastic interior and very friendly staff. The hot chocolate is also very good and there is a lot to choose from. It is quiet and inexpensive.

Susan writes for a company in Ireland that helps individuals access their pension early and enjoy the fruits of life while there is lots of time.

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